Monday, February 7, 2011

Boudoir & Pinups

This week I've felt pretty lucky to have stumbled upon some sites and met some great people who do boudoir and pinup shoots. With Valentines Day coming up, I know several women who got photo shoots done for their men. Here's a little of this and that.

Gold Standard - Racy Steeves
I stumbled upon the work of Stacy Reeves on another wedding blog last week. I am enamored with her work. She does beautiful, artful, tasteful shoots that would make a fabulous gift or keepsake. She charges a pretty penny for her services, but the finished product is definitely worth the cost. She, however, is based out of Dallas. I am seriously considering saving my money to have her do pictures of me just for myself to have someday to remember the body I once had.

Artful - Brian Watt Photography
Brian is one of the most talented photographers I know. He approaches it from a more artistic perspective than most photographers out there. He knows how to take gorgeous photos and is a master editor. Shown here is a photo of Model and Dancer Stacey Leo.

Lincoln Original - Boudoir Boutique
Boudoir Boutique specializes in boudoir photography. The Web site has limited information. They are based out of Lincoln and offer convenience of a Havelock Studios.

1940's Pinups - Images by Ken Merchant
This past Sunday I got to work with a photographer who specializes in 1940's pinups. He has several genuine 40's vintage outfits. Here is a head shot of the makeup I did. Ken likes his images to be as accurate as possible. He draws inspiration from Vargas. His rates are very reasonable. Ken is based out of Omaha.

Always check with your photographer doing your wedding or engagement to see if they offer boudoir photography. Most will but don't advertise the service since many women who do have the pictures taken don't want them on a photographer's Web site.

Hope this post helps points you in the right direction.


  1. Thank you so much for hitting on this topic, good info! To bad Lincoln seems so limited.

  2. Thanks Kate, for a link to my site visit