Thursday, January 27, 2011

Return of the Going Away Dress

A few weeks ago I was doing makeup at a Miss AMerica Party. There was an older woman there. She was the mom of one of the teacher's from my high school. All the younger women were dressing up in formal gowns for a little mini pageant. The woman talked about how she should have brought her "Going Away" Dress from her wedding. All the women at the party were like, "What's a going away dress?" I knew. Come on, "Father of the Bride" anyone? But I realized that the going away dress really has gone out which is kind of unfortunate because who doesn't love an excuse for another dress? It's romantic for a bride to put on something sweet like a cute dress or suit to run off to your honeymoon in.While this blog is about Going-Away Dresses, any of these styles could be worn at a Bridal Brunch or rehearsal.

I found this Delicate Flower Dress on Mod Cloth. I love the A-symmetry to it. This one could be gorgeous for the evening-of going away.

And I like the Cake From Scratch Dress. This slightly more casual dress would also be gorgeous as the morning after brunch dress.

Then I found the Debut of Venus Dress. This is definitely an evening-event dress. I see this as a going-away dress for after the reception or a dress for the rehearsal dinner. The Sweetheart neckline is gorgeous.

Finally, there's the Time of My Life Dress. This dress could work for any and all events. It's timeless and gorgeous.

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