Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vintage Jewelry Instead of Flowers

It's important to make sure everyone who is involved in the wedding feels appreciated and special, from the parents of the Ring Bearer to the Guest Book attendant and Host couples. Many brides opt to get flower corsages for these special people involved in the wedding. But why not give those special something that they can wear again after. Cuff bracelets offer a unique touch that lives on long after the wedding. Most of these bracelets are between $12 and $70. You can save on flower costs by replacing the cost of flowers with these creative gifts. All of these I'm showcasing I found on Etsy. There are plenty more to browse through on their site, but these were some of my favorites.

To the left is the a Couture Wedding Bracelet from user 2007musarra on Etsy. 2007musarra has a wide variety of bracelets to choose from. Her style is glamorous, vintage and beautiful. To the right is a Blue Silver Filagree bracelet. These gorgeous bracelets could be gifts for even your bridesmaids. 2007musarra also offers gorgeous vintage jewelry and clutches.

Another collection of bracelets have a more one-of-a-kind, homemade feel. These are by Guksertokca. Depending on your color palette you can find a look that suits your whole wedding. These have a slightly younger feel to them. I very much like the use of textiles in these designs.

I love this Victorian cuff by Radusport. It is a steal at just $12. It's sophisticated and classic. Grandmothers would especially like wearing these cuffs. If your wedding theme has an old-time, lace feel to it, this cuff is perfect.

My last pick from Etsy is a really fun designer. Sayagdis has a vast array of colors and styles of cuff bracelets. Each one has gorgeous personal detail give an eclectic feel. These are perfect for the mismatched bridal party.

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  1. thank you for featuring my litle victorian cuff!
    alina (radusport)