Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine's Day Inspiration Board

I've been to a gazillion wedding where the colors involve black, red and white. While I can understand the immediate jump to thinking that it is classy and black-tie-ish, often times it turns out awful.

One of the main reasons is the lack of attention to detail in choosing reds. While it would probably be impossible to match all your reds across the board, it is important to pick the right family of reds. A lot of reds turn out too brash and kind of orange-y. When in doubt, I advise to go darker.

My inspiration for this blog actually came from a Valentine's Day Etsy e-mail that I was sent. The necklace in the left-hand corner of my inspiration board here came from that e-mail. I was inspired by the deep hue of red used.

It feels romantic and upscale. When using reds, looking for rich looking color can help to enhance the look of the whole event. It can take you from bleak to chic.

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  1. Pleased to know about valentine’s day inspiration board. Couple of months ago, arranged my sister’s wedding anniversary at one of lovely venues in San Francisco. Had ordered a special cake for the event and all savored it.