Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lingerie for the Bride

Many brides overlook buying their own bridal lingerie hoping that their friends will buy them something wedding night appropriate. But I've been to far too many bacherlorette parties where the bride only receives cotton panties.

Don't hope that your friends will get you something you and your hubby-to-be will like, go out and get it yourself! Here are some fun ideas:
1. Romance - This night gown from La Petite Coquette by Jane Woolrich Design. The waterfall design skims the butt and the soft silk gives a beautiful barely-there feeling. This design is very romantic. It's definitely not what most people expect to see. The back is a fun surprise. I love that it is a little bit more formal and, dare I say, proper. If you're ever going to splurge on lingerie, this is the night.

2. Personalized - I found these panties on Etsy. The seller MichaelAngela creates lots of cute personalized items for the wedding day including sweatshirts and ring-bearer pillows. I love these panties for day-of wear. They are great because you could continue to wear them after the wedding because they don't say "bride." The cheeky design would also go great with a teddy the wedding night. The groom seeing his name on your behind will definitely be a nice surprise. One thing to be mindful of with these is if they will show through your dress. Make sure you try them on with the dress to be sure.

3. Over the Top - Victoria Secret offers a dramatic Sexy Little Bride look. If you want to rock a fun look on your wedding night, this would be the one. You can probably only wear this on your wedding night and maybe on your anniversary. I love the accompanying veil and garter. It really pushes the look over the top.

4. Vintage Inspired - This corset, pantie and stocking combination is very sexy and understated from Frederick's of Hollywood. I adore this look. It goes well with the popular vintage wedding style.

Whatever kind of look you choose for your wedding night, I say don't hold back and think about what your groom would like. This is the one night that you can justify going all out with the special Glamour Girl Slipper and garter belt. Go for it!

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